Chloe Juwon Kim

My paintings are describing BC's mountains and natures using Asian painting techniques. I am trying to focus on how Canada's nature can be harmonized with Asian way of painting as I had been trained as an artist in Korea before I immigrated to Canada. As an artist, my interests are developed and branched out from the beauty of Revelstoke's raw nature. I have been painting mainly mountains and flowers since I settled in Revelstoke.

I am painting local landscape and flora with tools and techniques steeped in hundreds of years of Korean and Asian painting traditions. To prepare the canvas, I need to do several washes using gelatin glue. It gives the canvas many layers that can helps to create the glowing translucence that lends mass and depth into my painting. I am using the traditional method of painting, but I'm not restrict myself. I am synthesizing my own method using classical techniques to create works unique in style and subject matters.


Artist Statement

Art First

#1 113 First Street West

Revelstoke, BC

V0E 2S0

Current Show


Surrey Art Gallery

Jun.29 to Aug.31

13750 88Ave

Surrey, BC